Zouk-Lambada in Braunschweig

Come along to our Zouk dance classes and learn from the team that brought Zouk to Braunschweig!

Discover this smooth and sensual dance from Brazil. Zouk music comes from the French Caribbean and there are plenty of different genres of dance that are danced to it, the most popular being Zouk-Lambada (from Brazil). Our classes primarily focus on partner work, timing, technique as well as a whole lot of fun moves that you can take back to the dance floor!

In our Beginners classes, we introduce you to leading and following techniques, Zouk music and timing, the Lateral step and some basic turns for both leaders and followers. As we progress through the classes, we slowly move to more complex turn patterns and combinations giving you plenty of ideas to improve your social dancing skills. Zouk-Lambada is quite unique in comparison to other Latin American dances in the way it's danced and how dancers engage with each other on the dance floor. Keeping this in mind, as we get to more advanced classes we focus more and more on technique, form and most importantly body movement!

It is recommended to come along to these classes with a dance partner if possible. Some our students do come along alone and find new friends to dance with at our classes. Since Zouk is quite a close and romantic dance most of our students tend to bring a partner along. We do however endeavour to balance leader and follower numbers as well as possible which is why we highly recommend registering for our classes. We also encourage all our students to try and dance with all other students in the class as this helps in learning even faster.

Click here to view our class schedule to see when the next term of classes begin. We can also organise private lessons for students who wish to progress at a faster rate or if you are preparing for an event like a wedding, for example.