Kizomba in Braunschweig

Are you looking for a soft, romatic and relaxing partner dance which is danced closely? Then, come and learn to dance with the team that brought Kizomba to Braunschweig!

Kizomba is a sensual dance which comes from Angola. The word itself means Party, Games, Dance or even Conversation. For a while now, Kizomba has become really popular with dancers across Europe as well, originally arriving in Lisbon, Portugal. Meanwhile there are a lot of cities in Germany where Kizomba is being taught and danced.

It's possible that you are already familiar with the music as there are a lot of songs which share the Kizomba and Zouk beats and are often played already at Zouk parties and clubs. The music genre for both dances is in fact often even referred to by some as simply Zouk. Kizomba music is often in Portugese or Kreyol. For dancers, it is almost always very easy to listen to the beat in the music.

When learning to dance Kizomba, a unique aspect for dancers is the lack of a basic step or a variety of basic steps, depending on how one wishes to see it. Each dance step in Kizomba is led by the men and as a result, every song can be interpreted differently by the dancers: slow or fast, cool or sensual, with complicated or simple steps and so on. But there is no need to panic! In our Beginners classes and Workshops, we start from the very beginning and cover these basic but important aspects of the dance in detail. To attend beginners classes, one doesn't need any prior knowledge of the dance.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes or workshops. Click here to view our class schedule to see when the next term of classes begin. We can also organise private lessons for students who wish to progress at a faster rate or if you are preparing for an event like a wedding, for example.