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Due to the current situation, to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it is not allowed to have group dance lessons. That's why we had to cancel all our courses until things get better.

If you have Dance Cards that have not yet expired, you can send us your account details and we will transfer the remaining balance back to you.

We hope that the situation will ease soon and that we will be able to start with our dance courses again. In the meantime, we are trying to offer online activities for you.

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Our dance classes in Braunschweig and Vechelde are for everyone: Individuals, couples and people of all ages.

At our classes, we provide a fun and relaxed environment where you can chill out after a day's work, study or whatever else you do and just have fun, meet new people and dance! We have something for everyone - our classes vary from very basic classes for absolute beginners to advanced classes for dancers with a lot of dance experience. We have a wide variety of genres to choose from as well - Cuban Style Salsa (Salsa Cubana), LA Style Salsa, Zouk-Lambada, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing and more! To see all the classes we offer, click here.

Dance as a hobby is a wonderful way to relax, stay fit and of course, meet new people at classes and of course, at Salsa Parties. So, no matter what you are looking for, come and try one of our classes in Braunschweig, Hannover, Vechelde or Wolfenbüttel. It's time to dance!

Save with Dance Cards! Dance cards provide an easy way to pay for your dance classes. These are valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. And, with no binding contract you can simply purchase one of these Dance cards at any our classes whenever you want.