Dance Shoes

Salsa/Standard/Latin Dance Shoes
Dance Shoes for women are available in various heel forms and sizes, from around 3cm to over 7cm high. In addition, one may also choose between various widths and sizes, depending on one's foot form. The shoes should have a sole made of suede and only be worn indoors as the soles can easily get damaged if worn outdoors. The soles can be roughened up every now and then using a special brush, which improves the hold of the shoes on the floor, as suede tends to get quite smooth after a while making the shoes slippery if this isn't done. In addition to the various size options, one may also pcik between open and closed shoe designs. Closed shoes offer much better support. With open shoes, it is recommended to ensure that the straps sit comfortably on the feet. Depending on the material, the shoes may stretch a bit over time. This happens quite often for leather and satin shoes, but not so much for synthetic leather.

Party-Tanz-Schuhe Riemchen-Schuhe Uebung-schuhe

While it's much easier to practice and dance in closed shoes, shoes with slightly higher heels often look nicer and are available in various designs, forms, heel forms and heel sizes. To be able to wear a higher and thinner heel, one must have better balance as a dancer.

tanzschuhe-maennerDance shoes for men are available in various heel sizes and widths as well. While they should have a suede sole, one can choose between different materials for the rest of the shoe such as synthetic leather, leather and so on. Flat heels are however most common. Nowadays, there is a big variety of designs ranging from dress shoes to sneakers, all the way to performance shoes.

Jazz Slippers
Jazz slippersThe Jazz Shoes, also known as Jazz Slippers, are very light shoes almost like a sock and are produced for men as well as women. They have a very thin sole made from suede, mostly have laces and are made from leather. This is why the feet are able to breathe well and the shoes adapt themselves to the form of your feet. Jazz Slippers often have a sole split in two parts (front and back) and a very flat heel. They are very suitable for practicing as one doesn't need to have very good balance to wear these. They are usually the cheapest dance shoes among the various options available to dancers.

Dance Sneaker
tanz-sneakersThese dance shoes are worn by both men and women. Dance Sneakers have a thick, split sole. Below the front part of the sole, there is usually a smooth, circular point which is suitable for spinning. Dance Sneakers support your feet very well which is why they are also used in Modern Dance. These are available either with laces or velcro.